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Fateful Games

Company Description:

Fateful Games is a mobile game development company that creates story-driven, visually stunning 2D games. We set ourselves apart by not only creating intriguing games, but we incorporate transmedia and strive to offer honest pricing. We unite our experience with art, storytelling, and programming, and work together to learn new concepts in order to create successful mobile games that our users desire.


Jessica Seip

Founder: Jessica Seip

I am a Computer Information Technology major, and I'm minoring in Media Informatics. I love art and video games, and when I'm not doing homework for school, I'm usually working on my digital drawing skills, gaming, or something related to one of those two things. On top of that, I also love programming. I am very interested in learning new techniques, programming languages, game engines, and improving my artistic abilities. I have experience with Java, C#, C++, Ruby, and ActionScript 3.0, as well as web-based experience with HTML/CSS, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. I believe that all of my classroom experience combined with my out-of-class interests will provide a great basis on which to build a successful game developing repertoire. I am excited to have an opportunity to use my talent and skills to create products that other people can enjoy.

Erin Flick

Founder: Erin Flick

As a designer and artist, I am very interested in traditional media and new media. I have always enjoyed drawing with simple tools such as graphite and charcoal, but I am fascinated with technology and how it creates new means of expression. During my time as a Studio Art major and Media Informatics minor at Northern Kentucky University, I have become enthusiastic about many different areas of creation: drawing, photography, sculpture, graphic design, writing, game development, web development, and animation. I hope to continue to pull from these experiences in creating evocative artwork for our 2D games.