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Fateful Games
Fateful Games is a mobile game development company that creates story-driven, visually stunning 2D games. We set ourselves apart by not only creating intriguing games, but we incorporate transmedia and strive to offer honest pricing. Read More!  

Kampaign is a site and app built to support tabletop RPGs (like Dungeons &Dragons).  It provides a platform for the gaming group to collaboratively contribute to campaigns, and allows the game master (GM) to focus on storytelling and creating a dynamic campaign world. Read More!


Trepstyle Mktg is a market intelligence firm that helps entrepreneurs create, launch, and manage successful crowdfunding campaigns. With our predictive analytics, comprehensive marketing services and robust database, we will bring intelligent design to the crowdfunding industry. Read more!  

Identif-Eye will be a facial recognition service for law enforcement.  An application run on the new smartphone-like head-mounted computer Google Glass will take pictures of individual faces the user encounters and upload them to a server where they will be cross-referenced to a criminal database using facial recognition software. Read More!


Donna Snyder

Lighthouse Page aims to create a “real-time” communication site and app to share communication between home and school for special needs children and young adults. This site will allow posting of comments, reports, pictures, videos, suggestions, etc. to keep all team members joined in one vision.  Read more!  


Veggie Magic
Vegy Vida solves a crucial issue that has plagues parents for years and years; that’s getting children to eat their vegetables. We have developed a solution that blocks the natural occurring bitter tasting compounds in vegetables, and then added flavorings that conveys foods that are more desirable, such as macaroni and cheese, pizza, bacon, and even cupcake. Read More!