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Company Description

Infini-Tie is a new alternative for those that want to wear a bow-tie, but are intimidated by the learning curve of tying it. Infini-Tie comes as a self-tie bow tie which only needs to be tied once. It has a velcro mechanism on the back which we hope to patent, that can be unhooked after each use in order to preserve the knot for future uses. Additionally, the tie’s size may be adjusted even after being tied. The tie will be made out of wrinkle-free material that prevents damage from the knot remaining tied for long periods of time.


Coleman Holmes

Founder Bio

Coleman is a Business Informatics major with interest in fashion, branding, and marketing. He describes himself as a perfectionist that is extremely competitive, and uses significant attention to detail in order to successfully accomplish his goals. He considers himself an entrepreneur in every sense of the word and is excited to pursue this entrepreneurial avenue this summer in an industry that he loves.