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Bundle App

Company Description

Bundle functions as a local peer marketplace combined with secure crowd-sourced delivery.  Buyers and sellers can effortlessly conduct transactions in-app as their items are efficiently delivered by motivated independently contracted drivers within minutes.  This highly scalable business combines transaction fees and premium subscriptions as revenue offset by minimal expenses.


Aaron Wickman

Founder Bio

Aaron Wickman is a third year Media Informatics student with a minor in entrepreneurship hoping to focus the combination of these skills toward both creating and problem solving alike. Aaron has built an illustrious career as a full-time developer and designer of web-based projects, and now spends his time managing a multi-million dollar agency entitled ‘Reversed Out’, as well as developing web-based projects for CPROP, one of Cincinnati’s latest native startups which is now recognized globally.

Austin Baker

Founder Bio

Austin Baker was raised in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, where he graduated with honors from Dixie Heights High School. He attends Northern Kentucky University for Business Entrepreneurship with a Minor in Marketing.  He is currently starting a Consumer Marketing Co-op with Johnson & Johnson for the Summer-Fall of 2018.