PB7 App

Company Description

Playbook 7th Edition (PB7APP) is the winning ideation of the 2015 Celebration Bowl Hackathon. Created by current and former student-athletes, coaches, and educators, PB7APP has been collecting data and research across the United States to develop a solution for GPA compliance and career readiness among student athletes.


Desha Elliot

Founder Bio

For over 10 years, Desha Elliott has worked with multinational companies on their business development and marketing strategies. While earning her Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Northern Kentucky University (‘11) and Masters of Science in Management from Strayer University (‘15), Desha began her marketing firm in college and has executed marketing campaigns for hundreds of millions of consumers across digital and physical platforms. Her passion for creative writing and educating the youth brought her to being Editor-In-Chief of Be Your Own Success Story Magazine (a non-profit education centered publication distributed in Barnes and Nobles across the United States) as well as envisioning and founding PB7APP, an edtech solution for student athletes.