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Company Description

Waiverhawk will take 27 years of insight and expertise in fantasy football and provide this knowledge with the efficiency of a fortune 500 company's reporting system for the fantasy community to utilize.  We will merge the world of advanced predictive statistics into the world of fantasy football and provide a powerful tool that will help struggling fantasy players at the beginner level and also make the research process of the advanced players more efficient.  We identify potential through data while the rest of the industry speculates through subjective opinion. 


Sam Hallforth


Samuel Hallforth is the founder of Waiver Hawk Analytics.  He has over 4 years of experience working in business analytics with companies such as, Groupon, Kroger, and Harlow- HRK Sales and Marketing. He has 17 years of experience working with fantasy football statistics and competing in season long/daily formats.  Samuel is a Northern Kentucky University graduate with a bachelors in Economics who's goal is to merge his statistic and analytical background with his fantasy sports expertise to provide the fantasy football community with the most efficient and complete predictive methods in the market.  The main focus of Samuel is to create a social interactive atmosphere for the fantasy sports community which also provides a one stop for all regarding fantasy sports information that is tailor made for the user's needs.  Samuel hopes to avoid working in the typical corporate world to create a working atmosphere driven my passion, innovation, and that values all individuals potential within the company.   


Team Members Needed

All positions have been filled.  We no longer will need a Sr. Software developer or Jr. Software developer.