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Branden Middendorf

Company Description

Media Informatics major Branden Middendorf originally came into the INKUBATOR program with the idea to create a task manager that has game aspects. Through the validation process, Branden determined that he would have a difficult time getting people to use the product due to the task manager app market being over-saturated. Branden decided to pivot, coming up with various ideas that he pursued while in the program. One day a parent told Branden that he wasn’t going to get his son a puppy because he would end up having to take care of it himself. Branden explored this further and discovered that this is a common problem with parents. He is now working on Pet Monster, which is a mobile app that educates children on how and why they should take care of their pet; specific to the type and breed of the pet.



Founder Bio

My name is Branden Middendorf and I am a Media Informatics major with an Electronic Media Broadcasting minor. I'm President of the MINja's the Media Informatics group on campus. I have organized several events in Griffin Hall such as Griffin Fest and a charity event for Child's Play. I have alot of other things planned to do as well. I have an interest in Game Development and hope to accomplish that through the development of my app idea.