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Cameron Dixon

Company Description

Computer Information Technology Major Cameron Dixon founded this team with the intention of developing an app for the Leap device which was supposed to come out May 2013. However, the release date was delayed and the team decided to stay in the program and pivot to a new idea. Cameron added team members Alex Koepke, Eric Durtsche and Bren Ryan; all of which are computer science majors. The team went through the validation process with various ideas. Through talking to their mentor and various individuals in the website development industry, they came across an idea of developing software that eases the process of creating websites for developers. It also allows graphic designers to make changes for clients easier than their current methods. The team has begun to develop this software and will have a prototype developed soon.

Founder Bio - Cameron Dixon

I am a Senior graduating this coming year, who has worked for major corporations developing, testing, and deploying software on agile teams.  I work well with others, and am very team oriented.  I have worked my entire way through college, and have significant work experience in the software and technology field.  I was a CS Major at UK for 5 years, and programmed c++ and Java Object Oriented code.  I am used to writing code that is actually used on machines and devices, and are still useful to customers.  .