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Company Description

Greenwich Manwich's main objective is to promote healthy and green lifestyles. This project targets a growing group of forward-thinking people who are not only concerned about their own well-being, but about their community as well. This application will motivate users to accomplish tasks that will lead to a healthier, greener, and all around more thoughtful way of living by utilizing social networks and reward systems. 

Julia Bui

Founder Bio

Julia Bui is a software engineer and a UI designer with job experience in the field. "Such questions as over-consumption of our era and the huge footprint we are going to leave after ourselves concern me a great deal. In the back of my mind I have been searching for possible ways to help the cause. Seeing the popularity of the social media, I think we can use it to our advantage to promote the above mentioned solution. The emphasis on using the social media resources and a complex approach to well-being (concentrating not only on personal wellness, but on the wellness of mother Earth as well) is what is going to make this app".

Team Member Bio


Olga Maneylova

Olga is a student at the Northern Kentucky University majoring in Computer Science.  She currently works as a software engineer and specializes in building ASP.NET applications using C# and VB.NET.  She is a highly-motivated person who enjoys working on technically challenging projects.