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Kyle Greely

Company Description

DropIn was created when Kyle realized how much of a problem recruiting players and managing teams was during one of his summer recreational soccer leagues.  Surprisingly, a solution for this problem can't be found anywhere.  Essentially what DropIn does is make it quick and easy for teams to find players in their area who are available to play and vice versa.  However, it doesn't stop there.  With a mobile app, DropIn will brandish an arsenal of features (such as utilization of GPS, calendar integration, and push notifications) that will make it a must-have for any athlete participating (or wanting to participate) in sports.


Kyle Greely

Founder Bio

Kyle Greely graduated with his degree in Media Informatics in May of 2013.  With a background in web and interaction design, he has a passion for building responsive and beautiful websites.  Alongside finding new ways to use HTML5 and CSS3, he also enjoys soccer, music, and video games.