A.C.T. Right (Attention Creates Talent)

A.C.T. Right, Inc. is motivational team founded by three actors with the hopes of improving our society through ACTING. Read More!



CoTrace allows businesses to quickly and easily capture, save, and share
their success stories and customer testimonials. Read More!



DropIn makes it quick and easy for sports teams to find players in their area who are available to play and vice versa.  Read More!


Greenwich Manwich
Greenwich Manwich's main objective is to promote healthy and green lifestyles. This application will motivate users to accomplish tasks that will lead to a healthier, greener, and all around more thoughtful way of living by utilizing social networks and reward systems. Read More!

A mobile app that educates children on how and why they should take care of their pet; specific to the type and breed of the pet Read More!



Touritz allows local historians and tour guides to create and upload walking tours and videos. They can be reviewed and recommended by other members, and downloaded to mobile devices. Read More!





Software that eases the process of creating websites for developers. It also allows graphic designers to make changes for clients easier than their current methods. Read More!