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Company Description

CompleteSet is the exclusive, invite-only community that connects collectors to each other and the brands they love. The site profiles information about coveted items from collectible brands, each individually added by volunteer curators who are collectors themselves. Collectors from around the world use CompleteSet to build a personalized digital catalog of their prized possessions, and in the process automate the tedious search for the items they need to complete their collections.

Founded in 2012 by Gary Darna and Jaime Rump, the company was named a winner of the 2012 Cincinnati Innovates contest and awarded a $10,000 Imagining Grant from CincyTech. Shortly after, a prototype was launched which collectors have since used to record more than 37,000 items they 'Have' or 'Want' in their collections. To date, CompleteSet has curated over 100,000 unique collectibles and serves users from 15 countries.

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