About Yellowshot

Yellowshot LLC is a company dedicated to providing a high quality collagen supplement in the form of an organic fruit and vegetable juice. It currently has its registration and tax account under the state of KY, a website with its custom domain, a nearly finished product, and many more requirements. Yellowshot is in search of positive opportunistic individuals to develop along with it.


Lisandra Cardenas

Founder Bio

I got fired or quit from 6 different jobs in 3 months. I’m no genius, but something tells me I’m not the ideal employee, which is why I became the ideal employer. Ultimately, I’m not here to build a business. I want to build a team. The team will take care of the business. This team will consist of passionate, courageous individuals with a drive to tackle every obstacle sent their way with enthusiasm, realizing that there are no failures at all; only lessons or wins. This team will support, encourage, and water itself, as it is a single entity on a mission to succeed. The members making up this team will possess skills such as marketing, public relations, finance, corporate law, graphic design, and more. More importantly, members will be aware that their personal growth is just as important as Yellowshot’s growth, and members will be a priority.

If you need to know any more about me, remember this: at the age of 7, when my family moved to Louisville from Cuba, both of my parents worked 2 jobs each to put cheap food on the table of a section 8 apartment. After going weeks without seeing my parents while living under the same roof, my 40lb self pledged: I don’t want to work in a factory like they do. I want to own the factory.