Safewave Company Bio

“Safewave” is a company that created a wearable device targeted at individuals whom suffer from hearing impairment. This product focuses on giving individuals a sense of security through physical vibrations along with visual cues. The wearable device is linked with sensors and a mobile application to show wherever and whenever an intruder enters or attempts to enter the home. The wristband will also display the information if your phone isn’t near you.  


Trevon Bruch

Founder Bio

Trevon Bruch is an entrepreneur from Covington, Kentucky. Trevon focuses on creating new and innovative technology to make life as we know it easier. He started his entrepreneurial journey in high school buying Jordan’s and reselling them to make a profit. By the age of 15 he made $5,000 in a year just flipping sneakers. Going to college he saw the struggle students had with navigating campus, and campus security. He created a mobile application called My Campus view in 2016 as his first “tech” venture. From there, he learned to love technology and went on to become the Vice President at SipQuick, a mobile application aimed at bar service, and is the Chief Executive Officer at Safewave Technology.


Teammates Needed

Safewave Technology would be interested in adding teammates such as:

1) Digital Designer
2) Mobile App Developer
3) Hardware Engineer
4) Research & Design Engineer