About PBJ App

I am currently constructing an app that can empower families with the magic of “play”! Play is something that all children need, but that most parents struggle with facilitating despite socio-economic status. We grow, and we lose the wonder and replace it with work, anxiety, and exhaustion! With this app, I hope to teach parents how to bring the kid in them out, and to enjoy play with their children in ways that are practical for them!


La Saundra Pendleton

Founder Bio: La Saundra Pendleton

My name is La Saundra Pendleton. I have spent the bulk of my career as a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, working with children with a various delays, disabilities, syndromes, and other limitations. This has helped me to understand the intertwining aspects of childhood development, and the effects on children who are not able to “get what they need”, for one reason or another. My passion is to bring innovative solutions in childhood development to the homes, daycare centers, and environments where kids spend their time......to make their lives better!


Talent Needed

I am currently looking for a Developer, Architect, and Graphic Designer to help build the app, database, and platforms to make this come alive for children and their families.