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Seed Funding

Elgible teams can receive up to $5,000 in resources per team to help them focus on developing the idea into a viable venture opportunity 


Teams will have access to free collaborative work space at the Haile US/Bank College of Business at Northern Kentucky University.

Advice and Mentoring

Students/alumni will receive venture and opportunity development advice from a deep bench of mentors including entrepreneurs, VCs, investment bankers, business angels, legal experts, etc.


Students/alumni will acquire exceptional presentation and networking skills through activities offered by The INKUBATOR.


In addition to the resources above, teams will have access to resources at NKU, the local entrepreneurship/business community, and also resources outside of our region.


  1. Assessment of the feasibility of the idea
  2. Understanding and identifying target market
  3. Ability to identify knowledge gaps
  4. Building a well-rounded team
  5. Understanding of the competition
  6. Prototype/well-articulated concept