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Hello! My name is Naomi Belanger (bee-long-jay)!   

I am currently studying Business Management and have lofty plans to go to grad school and law school. I love learning and realized that if I can continue studying in college, why not? What that means for my future is that I will be in school until around 2027! (or until I decide I'm done 🙂 ) I didn't know what I wanted to do with my degree until I got an internship with a non-profit in Nashville. After spending 5 weeks working in TN, I realized that I love TN (I plan to move there when I graduate) and I want to work with other non-profit organizations as they help their community and people around them. I hope that after I'm done with schooling I can work full time with non-profits.  

I love reading books and so there is a long list that I can give you if you need a book recommendation! I am a huge superhero person and watch all CW DC shows when they air! I have the ability to love both DC and Marvel (don't make me choose!). I have kept a bullet journal since the beginning of my college career and it is a great way to stay organized while allowing me to be creative too! Coffee shops! I have a long list of coffee shops in both Northern Kentucky and Nashville area that I love. Food, the easiest way to become my friend is to feed me! I am constantly hungry and will be seen snacking. And lastly, I love NKU! I am a homegrown Northern Kentuckian (sort-of, I was adopted when I was one but same difference!) and fell in love with NKU when I was college shopping. Goetta is a staple in my breakfast and it's always Skyline time in my house!  

I'm always around so feel free to email me if you have any questions or want to chat! (with coffee! tea is welcome too) 

Naomi Belanger

Naomi Belanger