Business Week 2018

Business Week has long been a part of the Haile/US Bank College of Business and its strong desire to create linkages between our students and the business community. The annual event will be held September 24 - 27, with events ranging from:


  • Alumni Awards and Recognition Reception, where we celebrate our outstanding alumni
  • Business Forum, where FRESHMEN learn the ins and outs of each of the business majors
  • Business Week Conference, a two-day conference exposing ALL business students to valuable business-centered presentations from experienced professional leaders
  • Career Connections, explore full-time and internship/co-op opportunities for business-related positions
  • Meet & Greet, where JUNIORS and SENIORS can be paired with a mentor in their field


Find the day-by-day breakdown of the all of the events listed below.


Student Testimonials

"It was so refreshing to hear a professional outside of NKU reiterate everything that I had been taught in the classroom."
"My biggest takeaway was that if you work for a company that has similar value and a similar mission as you, it's easier to go to work every day, love what you do and it's easier to make business decisions without compromising your ethics."
"I gained words to live by when it comes to your support network; surround yourself with people who will let you fail but won't let you be a failure."


Have specific questions related to Business Week? Please contact:


Allison Buchanan
Project & Events Manager,
Office of the Dean
Haile/US Bank College of Business
(859) 572-1458


This event can only be made possible through the generous support of the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati business community. If you are interested in supporting this event please view our sponsorship guide. We are happy to accommodate all reasonable requests.