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Economic Development Bootcamp

About the Bootcamp

This Economic Development Bootcamp has been designed to introduce the fundamentals of the economic development process with a focus on market research.  Among the specialized skills needed including data analysis, project management or community outreach, is the ability to gather and analyze economic, demographic, and workforce data and effectively present findings.

As the world continues to face economic challenges, these skills are transferrable to the increasing need for economic development professionals in government, non-profit organizations, private companies, and international organizations. Careers in economic development typically require a background in economics, business, or public policy. 

This program is tailored to college students at or above the sophomore level. The cost of the program includes: materials, meals and transporation to and from business visits.

Each participant will need to bring a laptop with them each day of the bootcamp.

Bootcamp Information

When: June 3 - 7, 2024
Northern Kentucky University
Program Schedule:
9am to 5pm daily
Cost: $1000 per person* 

*Scholarships may be available.
Contact for more information.

Curriculum Topics

I. Issues in Economic Development: Income generation vs. distribution, gentrification, historic preservation, right of eminent domain, incentives vs. corporate welfare, and development vs. natural resource protection and conservation. 

II. Population and Demographics: Learn about the Decennial Census, the American Community Survey, and key demographic concepts used in the economic development market research process. 

III. Workforce and Labor Markets:  Learn about the primary labor market data sets including local area unemployment statistics (LAUS), current employment statistics (CES), quarterly census of employment and wages (QCEW), and the job openings and labor turnover survey (JOLTS).

IV. Economy Measurements: Learn about gross domestic product, personal income, money income, per capita personal income, IRS adjusted gross income, poverty rates and thresholds. 

V. The Site Selection Process: Learn how firms select the next site for expansion or relocation.  No community is right for every firm.  

VI.  Economic Development Professionals:  Hear from a wide range of economic development professionals including leading economic development organizations, city and county government, tourism, and community infrastructure representatives. 


Janet Harrah
Janet Harrah
Senior Director
Center for Economic Analysis and Development