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Connect Ahead

Connect Ahead is a mentorship program exclusive to the Haile College of Business, where a Junior or Senior acts as a mentor to a freshman or sophomore. This program engages students in the college experience from the start and builds relevant work experience with the potential of earning money as all Connect Ahead mentoring pairings are encouraged to complete Haile Micro-Internships together.


What Students Say


Alexis Redman
Accounting Major
Spring 2021 Connect Ahead/Haile Micro-Internship Mentor

In our virtual environment, our project and our [Connect Ahead] team had to be quite adaptable. Looking back on my time working with them, I see how much I have grown in the process. This experience has had a significant impact on me, and I know that the skills that I've developed thanks to my team and our project will follow me throughout my future career. I've developed many new skills and insights, however, three skills improved the most: oral/written communication, leadership, and teamwork.


Angelic Williams
Communications Major & Entrepreneurship Minor
Spring 2021 Connect Ahead Mentor

During my time in the Connect Ahead mentorship program, the top 3 (non-technical) skills I have learned have to be leadership, task management, and communication/teamwork. I am in a group of 3 for this mentorship program! Having effective communication between our group has been very important. My task-management skills while working in this group have improved. It has been a good experience for me. Lastly, I have learned some beneficial leadership skills for being a mentor for the first time.


Hannah Roberts
Marketing and International Business Majors
Fall 2020 Connect Ahead/Haile Micro Internship Mentor

My micro-internship experience, coupled with being a mentor for Connect Ahead, was an amazing growing experience. I had a great time connecting with my mentees while strengthening my connection with Dr. Raska. For those of you who get an opportunity to be a mentor or to participate in a micro-internship, I urge you to take the step to commit. You won't regret it.

Tayzhan Miles
Sports Business and Event Management Major
Fall 2020 Connect Ahead/Haile Micro-Internship Mentor

While being a mentor, I had the opportunity to help my rookies through some of the problems they were facing in their college and personal lives. Then as an intern my problem solving ability was key when it came to implementing our plan for respondent recruiting and working through the obstacles that came with that experience.


Jacquiline Ndayikengurukiye
Management Major
Spring 2021 Connect Ahead Rookie

This year as a first-year student at Northern Kentucky University I had the opportunity to be involved in the Connect Ahead and take part in a micro-internship lead by Emma Walker, acquiring many great skills. This mentorship has given me valuable experience and time to work on my skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem solving. I was able to work on these skills thanks to my mentor Brittany Styles and due to her wonderful team working skills, she made the experience incredibly simple and fun.


My Doan
Marketing Major
Spring 2021 Connect Ahead/Haile Micro-Internship Rookie

The best part of my experience was meeting my mentor Lilly. If it had not been for her continuous encouragement, I would not have the confidence in my ability to apply for upcoming opportunities and furthering my career goals.

Jessica Reichl
Marketing Major
Spring 2021 Connect Ahead/Haile Micro-Internship Mentor

The Connect Ahead program greatly encompasses teamwork. A mentor is paired with a mentee, with the goal of easing their transition into NKU. When the opportunity came to collaborate on a micro-internship together, we worked together on every aspect of the project while both learning further career skills.

Camryn Kuchenbuch
General Business Major
Spring 2021 Connect Ahead/Haile Micro-Internship Rookie

I have seen a growth in the professional side of me. I believe this internship has affected me for the long run and I am beyond thankful I was granted this opportunity. I hope sometime soon I will be given another opportunity similar!


    How it Works

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Eligble students will receive an email invitation from Olena Pilyayeva, Director of Recruitment & Retention, who will also assign mentorship pairings. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the program contact Olena Pilyayeva at or (859) 572-7738.

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Connect with your Mentor

Once accepted into the program, you will be assigned to a pairing. Mentors will share their knowledge and skills with a mentee while further developing their leadership skills. Mentees will absorb this knowledge while identifying and developing the skills they need in order to succeed. Pairings are encouraged to meet 3-4 times a semester and to participate in Haile Micro-Internships.

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Pay it Forward

Once freshmen and sophomores students have completed their experience in the Connect Ahead program, they are encouraged to apply to become a mentor for a future student.


Contact Us

Have questions about Connect Ahead?
Olena Pilyayeva | Director, Recruitment & Retention | | (859) 572-6134