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Haile Ambassadors of the Month

Becca Wilson, Haile Ambassador

Haile Ambassador: Rachel Disibio

Why did you join Haile Ambassadors? 

I joined the Haile College of Business Ambassador program for the great opportunities of networking and growth the program holds. I am very excited to connect with fellow Haile Ambassador students and gain close relationships with them. I hope to help other students in the college of business as well as myself. We are all in this together and what better way to come together than to represent the College of Business together. Not only do you gain close relationships through the program but also great professional skills!

Which skills are you expecting to sharpen? 

Leadership! I cannot wait to work on my skills of how to collaborate with others on the project at hand. Since COVID has limited the in-person involvement taking place these past year years, the Haile Ambassador program will give me the opportunity to work with fellow students on a project.


How do you think it will benefit you in the future?

First, the Haile Ambassador program will be a great resume builder to show how I can be devoted to the College of Business. Second, I will be able to be tight, school-related relationships with students and faculty. Outside of school it is all about who you know, and I cannot wait to network with anyone I meet. 

Anna Schmidl, Haile Ambassador

Haile Ambassador: Marilyn Alvarado

What does being a Haile Ambassador mean to you?

Being a Haile Ambassador means I get to represent not only the college of business but also NKU. You get the opportunity to be a leader and make connections with potential/current students, and promote the values and opportunities offered by the COB.


How has being a Haile Ambassador benefitted you?

Being a Haile Ambassador has benefited me immensely. I remember my first year, I was nervous to even take on this responsibility, but it has allowed me to break out of my shell, meet new people, and create memories I would have never experienced if I had allowed my fears get in the way.


What advice would you give students in the Haile College of Business who might be interested in becoming a Haile Ambassador?

I would say go for it! Staying engaged in campus activities, building meaningful 
skills through the involvement of all the events that the COB has to offer, I would say are crucial to have a memorable and successful time while at NKU.  


Haile Ambassador Program

The Haile Ambassador Organization is a unique and prestigious group that accepts the brightest, most professional and upbeat individuals. It is a professional organization that invites students to participate in various recruitment and retention events, where they represent the Center for Student Excellence and the Haile College of Business. As a Haile Ambassador, students will have excellent opportunities to gain management, team work and leadership skills.
If you are interested in becoming a College of Business Student Ambassador, submit an application along with two completed references. Further questions about the program and application status can be directed to Olena Pilyayeva, Director of Recruitment and Retention.


  • Must be a Declared Major, Pre-Major or Undecided within the College of Business
  • Minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average



Contact Us

Have questions about the Haile Ambassadors Program?
Olena Pilyayeva | Director, Recruitment & Retention | | (859) 572-6134