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Master of Arts – School Counseling

Master of Science – Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Department of Counseling, Social Work and Leadership

College of Health and Human Services

The Counseling Program Dashboard contains continuous systematic program evaluation process as well as the aggregate assessment of student learning outcomes required for both the School Counseling and the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Programs.

The assessment plan includes all points throughout a student’s program of study where assessment occurs; the means by which assessment occurs; the assessment measures and formats utilized; process by which remediation occurs as needed, following summative assessments; and the means by which data is collected, analyzed, and utilized for curriculum and program improvement.

The NKU Continuous Counseling Program Assessment Process involves three separate but interacting components, (A) The Program Transition Points, (B) The Program Level Assessment Plan, and (C) The Curricular Level Assessment Plan.  These three components work together to provide timely data with which the faculty can evaluate both the progress of students and the health of the program.

Content Links

Intro Page 1: Counseling Program Mission Statement and Objectives

Intro Page 2: Program Transition Points Resulting in Data to be Reported and Reviewed

Intro Page 3: Annual Programmatic Review and Changes

Program Data Point 1. Counseling Program Vital Statistics

Program Data Point 2. Counseling Program Admission and Enrollment

Program Data Point 3. Annual Student Professional Development Plans

Program Data Point 4. Counseling Program Learning Objectives (KOAs)

Program Data Point 5. Admission to Practicum and Internship

Program Data Point 6. Evaluation of Internship

Program Data Point 7. Counseling Program Comprehensive Exam (CPCE)

Program Data Point 8. National Exams

Program Data Point 9. Recommendations for Certifications and/or Licensure

Program Data Point 10. Post-Graduation Review

Program Data Point 11. Student Clinical Site & Supervisor Evaluation

Program Data Point 12. Counselor Disposition Rating

Program Data Point 13. Faculty to Student Ratios