The Training and Development Center (TDC) exemplifies NKU’s core value of Community Engagement by providing  mental health and social services to underserved residents of northern Kentucky at little to no cost. The center is operated by the Department of Counseling, Social Work, and Leadership and in collaboration with NKU faculty, community mental health, criminal justice, addiction services, and other social service agencies, the TDC serves as a high quality training site for graduate and undergraduate students from the Department. In addition to Social Work and Counseling students, students from Chase Law School and the NKU Criminal Justice program have also completed field work at the Center.

Counseling, Human Services, and Social Work students from NKU gain professional experience at the TDC providing assessment, counseling, and case management services to clients of the Center. Students also learn administrative skills and how various local community service systems function to address the needs of persons with co-existing mental health, medical, criminal justice and substance abuse issues.

Students interested in field placement or internship experiences with the TDC may contact their faculty coordinator for more information or contact the TDC Director, David W. Wilkerson, at 859-572-7841.  Email