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Founded in 2006, the First Nations Student Organization is open to any NKU student with an interest in Native American Studies. First Nations joined with Kiksuya in 2014.

The club's mission is to raise awareness, challenge stereotypes and misconceptions, and work towards understanding diverse historical and contemporary circumstances faced by the people of Native America. The organization's members strive to promote an informed and respectful multicultural community which does not forget the American Indian.

Kiksuya is an NKU student organization dedicated to service and outreach to Native American communities. Each May, 5 to 20 students participate in a 15-day service trip to Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations where they have the opportunity to live and work with the residents and accomplish a variety of tasks including, cleaning and repairing homes, new construction projects, organic gardening and working at youth centers.

While Native American students and Native American studies minors are encouraged to join, membership is open to all students. There are no dues, and membership is free.

For more information, please contact our current faculty sponsor(s).