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Alumna | BS Medical Technology ('87)

I have a question. Why does NKU say it started in 1968? My husband and I graduated from high school in 1969. He attended the UK Northern Community College in 1969/70 for his first year according to his U.K. Transcript. His second year of college the 1970/71 school Year was listed as Northern Kentucky Community College, which became NKU. He graduated from U.K. with a degree in Civil Engineering two years later. The reason I am so sure about this is because his first year grades, the 1969/70 semesters, were always included in his U.K. GPA while his second year, NKU, was considered transfer credit.

   I went back to school part-time at NKU in 1979 and got my degree in Medical Technology in 1987. I had great teachers there.

Your wish for the next 50 years...

   Northern Kentucky University continues to grow and provide an affordable education for all students. It would be great for them to get an Engineering School so students from this area can live at home and get their Engineering Degree.