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Linda Peek

Requirements dictated that I complete so many hours of English. My first English Lit. Class professor soon became one of my favorite professors. Most students dreaded going into Thad Lindsey's class. For me, Thad Lindsey made literature come to life for me. My very first semester at Northern--then Northern Kentucky State College--I was terrified. I was thirty-one years old, a single mother of four small children, and assigned to Thad Lindsey's Lit. Class. I carried my tape recorder to all my classes to record the lectures.

My first day in Thad Lindsey's class was terrifying and rewarding at the same time. He spent the entire class period throwing digs and cryptic remarks at my recorder. Mind you, at that particular time in Northern history the school was overcoming the former President having "bugged" several professors! After class on my first day I stayed behind after everyone else left. I asked Thad Lindsey if my recorder really was that offensive to him. I have never forgotten his response, "No, not at all! On the contrary, my recorder gave him the perfect ammunition to get the class's attention back whenever he felt they were going to sleep on him."

Thad Lindsey became one of my favorite professors and I went on to deliberately take three of his classes. Thad Lindsey, Tony Mazzaro(Social Work) , Ralph Peterson (Sociology), and Dr. William Stoll (Psychology) were the professors who encouraged me more than any others during my years at Northern.

Your wish for the next 50 years...

The Lord has given me a very rich, full seventy-three, almost seventy-four, years. I have fulfilled most of my dreams, including living in Germany six years and publishing four books with the fifth book to be released in March, 2018.

After surviving a cerebral hemorrage and stroke, today I am happy to spend my days writing my books and enjoying my twenty grandchildren and twenty-one great-grandchildren. My spare time is spent creating and making quilts for my friends and family; Putting together a cookbook for my church, and managing my Church Library. The photo is my NKU graduation picture.