Alumnus | BS Psychology ('66)

Larry Roberts

Many years ago the lake behind Nunn Hall was affectionately named "Lake Inferior" An article came out about the Loch Ness monster "NESSIE" in Scotland, and I created our own which I named "LIMMIE" from (L)ake (I)nferior(M)onster. I think that our frat was the only one to use the term regularly, but we had a lot of fun with it. Taking our girlfriends for a moonlight stroll down by the lake to see Limmie. Do they still have bathtub races on the lake? When one would sink, we always blamed it on Limmie!

Your wish for the next 50 years...

My wish is for world peach and the elimination of hunger and disease in which NKU has a major role. Continued growth and prominence for the university.