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Alumnus | (2017)

Jared Koshoil wall prank Photo provided by Jared Koshiol

"One great NKU story of mine is when I realized I had a lot of print money left on my account at the end of the semester, so I decided I should do something fun with it. Then an idea struck me upon walking by the photo bubbles of NKU student life that hang on the walls in the first floor of the SU (and also in Commons), why not add a few more photos there and see if anyone notices! So I did just that!

I collected weird photos from all of the internet and printed them out in similar bubble shapes with Gold and Black borders and then taped them up between other the other photographs. They stayed up for well over a week, with the ones in Commons even being moved to the desk for people to see more clearly. Its the little things like this that I love about NKU and the NKU community. We are able to work hard but also play hard, yet not take things to seriously. GO NORSE!"