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Emeritus Faculty 

"I was Director of Academic Computing from 1988 to 1994. My staff was very into networking, etc., and we took the challenge of applying for an internet domain name. We all jumped for joy when the approval came back, granting NKU the domain name ""! My recollection is that this was early in 1992. To show how much things have changed, at that time I had scores of requests for an IP address. Most people now have no idea what that is all about; it is a string of digits that identify your computer on the net, and in that era, having one was pretty much the only way you could access the internet. No getting there from your cell phone (no one had them then) no Google, no Amazon,, etc. How times have changed!! I've attached a copy of the email verifying the domain name."

"I recall moving into the "new" science building in the summer of 2002. I was chair of the department of Physics and Geology at the time. Chairs moved into their offices the first week in July with classes to start the third week in August as usual. I said "chairs"; faculty moved later, and staff were frantically moving equipment, supplies, office equipment, etc. during those 6 or so weeks so that we could start classes on time!"

"This one is about the planetarium. We designed the building ("new" science) with a room for a planetarium. However, we didn't have funding to equip the room or supply the projector. We had a grant of $500,000 from a foundation toward the facility, but that was not close to enough. Over the years after moving in, we worked with Development on various proposals, and finally got an earmark in the NASA budget that allowed us to purchase the Digistar system. We then went through months of design and construction issues and were finally able to offer shows and classes in the facility in fall 2007. It is amazing how Dan Spence and the current director, Christa Speights, have used the facility to make NKU known in our community. Not to mention how cool it was to teach astronomy in the planetarium after my time as chair was done!"

"When my term as department chair ended, I decided to run for Faculty Regent (now known as Regent Elected by the Faculty). I was elected and served in that capacity 2009-2012. I had little idea of what was in store. First, I was working with people whom I would never have met in my normal life: lawyers, community leaders, etc. Second, I was not at all prepared for the major issues that would come up. The most important were the vote to go to NCAA Division I and the vote on a new president, both of which came in the final year of my time as a Regent. I was very happy with our choice of Geoff Mearns as president, and saddened at his departure. Needless to say, I was very happy with the NKU basketball team's being in the tournament their first year of eligibility, and am wishing them luck this year!!"

Your wish for the next 50 years...

Hm, I wish for NKU's use of computing and related technologies to advance at least as much as they have since 1980 (when I joined NKU).