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Brenda Turner Janning

I, along with several other band directors in northern Kentucky, began pursuing my master's degree at NKU when that program was in its infancy, circa 1974. Because it was so new, there were few, if any, resident professors available to teach the graduate courses in music. The great Dr. John Westlund is the only one I can recall and he did not arrive at NKU until 1976. As a result, we were blessed with the likes of Dr. Bill Worrel, Supervisor of Music in the Cincinnati Public Schools and Carmen DeLeone, Music Director of the Cincinnati Ballet. What better way to further one's music education than by studying under those outstanding men! It truly was a unique learning experience and one that I will never forget.

Your wish for the next 50 years...

I wish for NKU continued growth and excellence. The institution has come such a long way since it was a one-building college back in 1968. Kudos to all who had a part in making it what it is today!