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NKU Student | Communication Studies (2019)

Amanda Jordan Lily and friends Photo provided by Amanda Jordan Lily

"I started at NKU excited to tackle my classes and meet new people, over the past four years I have made friends with professors, faculty and students. My fondest memories at NKU involve my friends as we spent countless hours in the lobby on the 2nd floor of Landrum. We would converse about school, friends, life and would help each other study or work through problems. Whenever I felt a need to feel connected I knew I could find comfort and friendship on those couches. I enjoyed when we would all be crowded around the couches, sometimes squeezing in, talking about plans for events or just life and a professor would walk down the hall. We would continue to talk and the professors would jump in the conversation or keep walking, but we always felt comfortable to continue whatever topic while our professors were around.

The Anthropology department has amazing individuals who care about the success of their students and I am happy that in my time at NKU I have been a witness to an amazing group of professors. You are asking for favorite memories, the only problem is there are too many to list. From bake sales to finals breakdowns every moment spent in Landrum's lobby has been a memory I will cherish for the rest of my life.

The friends I have made at NKU have become more like family to me, seeing me through the best and worst of times. I had a baby this past January and throughout my pregnancy my friends where there for me, so much so, he became known as the Anthrobaby. I have so many memories here at NKU, while in class I would love to listen to Professor Neely's talk about her granddaughter, listening to a new Humeism or seeing Dr. Wakefield do her ape impersonations.

At no point in my time at NKU have I ever regretted my decision to come here for my degree and that is all thanks to the amazing professors and friends I have made along the way."