Our Photography Program offers the most comprehensive in the area with top-of-the-line facilities and faculty. We teach our in well-equipped Mac labs with Adobe Cloud access for all students. We offer a range of classes that give students the most solid background in photographic thinking and technical approaches possible to build a toolbox of skills that will take them into the future.


Our Large Format Print Center is available  for students to make prints from top of the line ink jet technology in sizes up to 44" on the shortest side. Trained student technicians assist students to realize in print what they see on their screen.


In our Studio, we train students to use lighting effectively and to learn best practices for commercial work in a very competitive field.


With the change in photography from analog to digital, we continue to offer film based opportunities as well as darkroom experiences.


Students can earn a BA in Studio Art/Photography or the selective BFA in Studio Art/Photography. Students earning the BA degree minor outside of Visual Arts to complete their requirements. BFA students' senior exhibitions are in our professional department galleries.


Photo program coordinator: Matthew Albritton







"Photography has everything to do with raising the consciousness of the viewer. It has to do with making an image that has a deeper meaning for those who will look and who attempt to comprehend what they see. It has to do with reading the subject for what else it is. It has to do with the other that the subject suggests. It has to do with seeing and interpretation

What you use and how well you use it are secondary to what you are asking your viewers to see.


" Photography has everything to do with raising the consciousness of the viewer."

Photography is a puzzle of what is puzzling. The good ones make us think. Photography is what we use to clarify our perceptions of the world in which we live.

Photography is primarily about raising ones own awareness and raising the awareness for others to see.

Great photography is about consciousness.

Great photography is about something bigger than the subject shown.

Great photography is about illumination."

John Neel from "what makes a great photograph?" on LensGarden

Find us on the fourth floor of Fine Arts Center in 406 and 404 with our large format print lab in 408.