Burning and Ripping DVD's

Burning and Ripping DVD's

Postby Alice Gabbard on Tue Jan 27, 2009 12:58 pm

If your video camera creates an .avi video file (such as with Flip Video) you can easily drag that file from one folder to another on your computer or flash/external hard drive. You can also easily import an .avi file into Windows Movie Maker for editing. If you want to edit video that is stored on a DVD, you will need to convert the file type (from .vob? to .avi or .mpeg) it using some type of conversion software, such as Movavi. If you want to save an .avi video file on a DVD, you will need to use DVD burner software, such as Super DVD Creator. Whether you save video files on DVD or as digital .avi files, make sure you keep a backup copy. You can get 500 gigabyte external hard drives for about $90, which is enough storage space to back up or save about 600 hours of assessments/lessons.
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