The Association
in Support of
Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Welcome to The Association in Support of Non-Tenure Track Faculty at Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Kentucky.

This is an introduction outlining the goals of this Association. We are interested in raising the consciousness of the community to the presence and nature of the non-tenure-track positions here at Northern Kentucky University.

At present, the remuneration for these positions is less than compensatory. And this is for individuals who have worked long and hard to receive terminal degrees in their field and who continue to teach because of a commitment to their profession and to higher education. It should be considered basic that this hard work and dedication be accompanied with the recognition and support that this respected profession deserves. The improvement and stabilization of educators, who consider the quality of instruction at the University level crucial, is consistent with the stated goals of Northern Kentucky University.

Our Origins
Our Goals
Our Membership

We look forward to fostering a beneficial relationship with everyone who has stake in the future of NKU as well as the greater Northern Kentucky/Cincinnnati Area. We are enthusiastic about our Association and hope that you can join us in helping to achieve President Votruba's goal of NKU becoming a true "Learner Centered University" for all.

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