Northern Kentucky University 

Special Programs

An NKU education is special, but we know there are other ways to make it even better. Learning is about more than classrooms and books; it's about life experiences and opening your eyes to new ideas and people.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of your NKU education:

Honors Program: The Northern Kentucky University Honors Program provides qualifying students with an intellectually stimulating environment and a community of thoughtful learners. Students who take the honors minor take 21 semester hours of seminar-style courses, each having a maximum enrollment of 15 people. At the core of the honors experience, the seminars emphasize not rote memorization of facts but discussion and discovery of ideas.

Community Involvement: Organizations in the Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area need your help. Remember: Volunteering not only involves you in your community and enables you to give back to someone who is in need, but it also serves as a great resume builder.

Study Abroad: Students give many different reasons for studying abroad, from fulfilling academic goals to experiencing other cultures.  The experiences and challenges of a study-abroad program can allow you to broaden your academic scope and experience another way of life.

Taste of NKU

Community Connections transports a taste of NKU to partnering elementary and middle schools in the six southern-lying counties of the northern Kentucky region. This special event includes participation by NKU student leaders, faculty, and staff as they integrate arts, humanities, science, math, and other academic components with student life and NKU enthusiasm.